10月 14, 2017

Cí shèng temple food street (慈聖宮美食街), Taipei city. (台北市)

Find Old taste in Taipei city? You can visit Cí shèng temple (慈聖宮) at Liangzhou Street (涼州街). It's a morning food street, opened around 10am~4pm. Some special Taiwan side dishes or cuisine you can taste here. Best to come here by walk. And if you have time and big stomach, I will recommend you walk around the Yanping North Road(延平北路), also have some old taste here. More far, connect with the Ningxia night market(寧夏夜市) or Yongle market(永樂市場), you can have a whole day old taste trip.

尋找古早味在台北市? 您可以來拜訪涼州街的慈聖宮. 它是一個白天的美食街, 開店約10am~4pm. 某些特別的台灣小菜或台灣菜您可以在這嚐到. 來這最好是用步行. 且如您有時間也有個大胃, 我會建議您沿著延平北路走一走, 這邊也有一些古早味在這. 或再遠, 連接到寧夏夜市或永樂市場, 您可以有一整天的古早味之旅.

9月 27, 2017

Wū yán cape (烏岩角), Yilan(宜蘭)

Wū yán cape (烏岩角). To normal people that it was just a rock, nothing more. But for some one whom love to climb mountain, it was meaningful. It was the north end of central mountain range. The central mountain range as we know He-huan mountain (合歡山) that is a part of it. You can easy find it on Su-hua highway(蘇花公路), near by Nánfāng ào (南方澳) about 10km.(south to Hualien) And guess where is the south end? The answer is É luán bí(鵝鑾鼻). If you do the round tour at Taiwan, and passing these spots, I will said you're complete the central mountain range, and also when passing by the Highway 11, the east coast highway, I will said you're complete the coast mountain range too. You can have many record or special memory at Taiwan. (a little tricky)

烏岩角. 對一般人而言它只是一塊岩石. 但對某些喜愛爬山的人來說, 它是有意義的. 它是中央山脈北端的起點. 中央山脈如我們知道的合歡山是她的一部分. 您可以輕易在蘇花公路看見它, 靠近南方澳約10公里處.(南行往花蓮) 順便猜猜它的南端是在哪裡? 答案是鵝鑾鼻. 如您在台灣環島且經過上述的點, 我會說您走完了中央山脈, 且同時經過台11線, 花東海岸公路, 我也會說您走完了海岸山脈. 您可以有許多紀錄, 或特殊的回憶在台灣.(一點小把戲)

Terraces(梯田) at New Taipei City(新北市)

Terraces(梯田), for me it's a interesting landscape in Taiwan. You don't need to go south east Asia as Philippines, and Vietnam. You can find similar but small at New Taipei City. Most in the country side town, as Sanzhi(三芝), Shimen(石門), and Gongliao(貢寮). Some terraces are over 100 years old. And the foundation also different, some are rock, and some are mud, but all along the mountain contour line. If you come at right timing that is really beautiful. (Usually March and April) To visit these places, better you have a guide to take you there.(Public transportation not easy reach) And please do not go inside the field, whenever growing or harvest. That is because they try to do and keep organic, if you go inside the field could make the pollution. Thanks for your helping.

梯田對我來說是有趣的地景在台灣. 您不用跑到東南亞如菲律賓和越南. 您可以找到相似但小的地景在新北市. 多數在鄉村城鎮, 如三芝, 石門, 和貢寮. 有些梯田超過100年之久. 且基礎也不同, 有些是石砌, 有些是泥砌, 但都沿著山的輪廓線而建. 如您對的時間來那真的很美.(通常三四月間) 拜訪這些地方, 最好您有地陪帶您來這.(公眾運輸不容易抵達) 且請不要進入田中, 不管是生長期間或收割. 因為他們正嘗試或維持有機, 如您進入可能會造成汙染. 在此感謝您的幫忙.

Canoe(獨木舟) at Hualien(花蓮)

Canoe. More and more popular in Taiwan. Special at Hualien. A new way to explore Qīngshuǐ cliffs (清水斷崖), one of famous tour spots. Sunrise voyage is HOT. 

獨木舟. 愈來愈受流行在台灣. 特別在花蓮. 一個新的方式探索清水斷崖, 著名的旅點之一. 日出航程最為熱門.

8月 13, 2017

聲.鼓 琴~橫手ありさ, 荒井康太, 佐藤公哉 2017 tour

Music project No.7. Start from 8/21 to 8/25 and will at Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Taitung. A special music performance with Vocal, Ukulele,Taiko, and Harmonium. More detail please check the link. Welcome, if you near by and have time.

音樂企畫第七號. 8/21 至 8/25 將在台北, 台中, 台南, 和台東演出. 這是一場特別的音樂表演有人聲, 烏克麗麗, 太鼓和印度手風琴. 更多資訊請點連結. 歡迎您, 如您有時間也剛好在附近.

7月 24, 2017

Xīn jī sky trail (新機天空步道), Hualien(花蓮).

Xīn jī sky trail (新機天空步道), Hualien(花蓮).
A brand new, and also the first sky trail of the east coast. It located at Xīn jī trunnel (新機隧道), one of famous cliff of Highway 11. The trail not too long, about 200 meter, And a part of trail was glass trail. (in the final section) Here you can enjoy the great sea view. But be careful of big wind blow.

新機天空步道, 花蓮.
東海岸一全新的, 也是第一座的天空步道. 座落在新機隧道, 台11線著名的斷厓之一. 步道並不太長, 約兩百米, 部分的步道是玻璃步道.(末段). 在這您可以享受壯麗的海景. 但請注意大風襲來.

7月 10, 2017

Lā suǒ āi fountain (拉索埃湧泉), Hualien(花蓮).

Lā suǒ āi fountain (拉索埃湧泉), Hualien(花蓮). Near by Guangfu Sugar Factory(光復糖廠). A hidden place that not easy to find. And become more popular tour spot. But looking good when at sunny day. The whole area not so big, to explore by walk total 20min only. And around by fountain also have a small park, it's about historical remains of Japan Hangars. Some interesting stuffs you can find it.

拉索埃湧泉, 花蓮. 靠近光復糖廠. 一隱藏的地方不容易找到. 且變得愈來愈受歡迎的景點. 整個園區並不太大, 只要20分鐘就可逛完. 靠近湧泉也有一個小公園, 是關於日本飛機堡的歷史遺跡. 一些有趣的東西可在這找到.