6月 06, 2017

The passion of Okinawa, Solunaソルナ Taiwan tour 2017.

Solunaソルナ, Okinawa Latin unit, music combine with the Latin music and Okinawa culture. "Soluna" the word combine Sol(the sun) and Luna(the moon). Music styles some time passion as the sun, some time peaceful as the moon. From July 7th to 15th, they will do round tour at Yilan, Taitung, HengChun, Kaohsiung, and Taipei. Welcome to enjoy that if you have time and near by the performance location,

音樂企畫No.6 情熱沖繩~Solunaソルナ Taiwan tour 2017
Solunaソルナ, 沖繩的拉丁音樂組合. 音樂結合拉丁音樂與沖繩文化. Soluna這個字是Sol(太陽), luna(月亮)的結合. 音樂風格有時熱情如太陽, 有時平緩如月亮. 7/7~7/15, 他們會進行巡演在宜蘭, 台東, 恆春, 高雄, 和台北. 歡迎您來聆聽如您有時間也在表演地點附近.

5月 16, 2017

Yǒu ruì(友蚋), New Taipei City(新北)

Yǒu ruì(友蚋), a area between wǔ dǔ(五堵), New Taipei city(新北) and qī dǔ(七堵), Keelong(基隆). A coal-producing areas in the past. An ecological park for now. So you can see some Mine relic here. Due to rain a lot, so the area full of tropical rain forest view here. With small dam, river valley, potholes, that the natural and geological landscape. And have some farmer's restaurant too. You can have fresh and healthy food tasted here. Half day trip here is good. And can be a day trip that combine near tour spots. As Keelong(基隆) , Ruì fāng(瑞芳), or far away as Píng xī(平溪), and Shífēn(十分).

友蚋, 一地區介於新北五堵和基隆七堵之間. 過去是煤礦產區, 現在為生態園區. 所以在這您可以看到些煤礦遺跡. 由於雨多的關係, 這裡也充滿著熱帶雨林的景觀. 有著水潭, 溪谷, 壺穴, 自然和地質景觀. 也有些農家餐廳. 您可以品嘗新鮮和健康的食物在這. 半日行於這是好的. 也可以結合附近的景點如基隆, 瑞芳, 或更遠的平溪和十分而成為一日行.

4月 27, 2017

Thanks Jackson & family

Thanks Jackson & family, from Hong Kong, did 3D2N Tai[pei to Hualien trip.

感謝來自香港的Jackson與家人, 3D2N 台北花蓮行.

Hǔ bào tán(虎豹潭), New Taipei city(新北市).

Hǔ bào tán(虎豹潭), New Taipei city. A hidden place at shuāng xī district(雙溪區). The trail have two section, the first section very easy to walk, another section was climbing trail. The road from shuāng xī to Hǔ bào tán also beautiful. This time you can enjoy Azalea(杜鵑花), early spring time you can enjoy cherry flower. The lake also good for summer time, can swimming here, but be careful after raining comes big water. From here you can reach to Daxi(大溪), Yilan(宜蘭). Can have a half day trip here.

虎豹潭, 新北市. 一隱藏點在雙溪區. 步道分成兩段, 第一段非常好走, 另一段則是登山步道. 從雙溪至虎豹潭的路也很美麗. 這時您可以欣賞杜鵑花, 早春您可以欣賞櫻花在這. 潭也是適合夏天, 可以在這裡遊水, 但須注意雨過大水. 從這裡您也可連接到宜蘭大溪. 可以是半日遊在這.

4月 14, 2017

Tevorangh(大武壠族), Taiwan aboriginal group

Tevorangh(大武壠族), or Taivoan(大滿族). An aboriginal group of Taiwan. Though not approved by the government, but it does exit. And could be one of the first aboriginal group doing international trading with foreigners. (as Siraya西拉雅, Tsou鄒 of the Taiwan west coast) Most they lived in the mountain side of Kaohsiung now. It's another history story about group's migration. In 2009, typhoon Morakot(莫拉克颱風) took over their village, it was disater, many people are died, and the left people no place to live. But now, they're overcome. And established a dance group called Taivoan dance group (大滿舞團) that in order to group agglomerate, and culture inherited. Similar then Pingpu(平埔族), they god called Taizu(太祖), but the ritual different than others Pingpu's group. Called Qiān Xì(牽戲). usually held at mid-autumn festival. And one special event at the lantern Festival, an event only for women.

大武壠族或大滿族. 台灣原住民族之一. 雖然尚未被官方認可, 但確實存在著. 而且可能是與外國人從事國際貿易的第一支族群.(如台灣西海岸的西拉雅族,鄒族) 多數住在高雄的山區. 這是另一段關於族群遷移的歷史故事. 在2009年, 莫拉克颱風帶走了它們的村莊, 這是個災難, 許多人逝去了, 存活的人無家可歸. 但現在, 他們克服了. 並且建立了一個大滿舞團,為了族群的凝聚與文化傳承. 和平埔族有點相似, 他們的神稱作太祖, 但祭儀不同於其他平埔族群. 叫牽戲. 通常在中秋節左右舉行. 還有一個特別的活動在元宵節左右, 一個專屬女人的活動.

4月 10, 2017

Hla'alua(拉阿魯哇族), Taiwan aboriginal group

Hla'alua(拉阿魯哇族), the fifteen aboriginal group approved by government. Most live in Taoyuan District(桃源區), and a part of lived in Namaxia District(那瑪夏區), Kaohsiung. A very small group around 400 people. The dress similar as its neighbors Kanakanavu(卡那卡富族). The most important ceremony called miatungusu(聖貝祭), a ritual for shell gods. "Mavacagu Mumua" is Hello, ’u ’uraisa is thank you.

拉阿魯哇族, 台灣政府認定的第十五支原住民族. 多數住在高雄桃源區, 部分住在那瑪夏區. 是一個小族群約400左右. 服裝和他們的鄰居卡那卡富族相似. 最重要的祭儀是miatungusu(聖貝祭), 一個祭儀獻給貝殼神的. Mavacagu Mumua is 您好. ’u ’uraisa is 謝謝,

Sangpuy(桑布伊), Taiwan aboriginal music

Sangpuy(桑布伊), an singer from Katratripul(卡大地布部落/知本部落) of Pinuyumayan(卑南族). One of Taiwan aboriginal music representatives(world music). People always saying: The young body holds the old soul. It does. His voice as like old man singing that full of live experience. Since his frist album out, he traveled lots country, and joined several world music festival (as 2015 rainforest world music festival, Malaysia). He also won the Golden Melody Award(金曲獎) in 2013. Very good voice to recommend to you.

桑布伊, 來自卑南族卡大地布(知本部落)的歌手. 台灣原住民音樂代表之一(世界音樂). 人們總是這麼稱呼他: 年輕的身體有著老靈魂. 確實是如此. 他的聲音就如充滿生命經驗的老人在吟唱. 自第一張專輯發行後, 他旅行了許多國家, 也參加了數個世界音樂節(如2015 rainforest world music festival, Malaysia) 他也在2013年獲得金曲獎. 非常好聽的聲音推薦給您.